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Crown lengthening is used to reshape the gum line at the base of a tooth or teeth in order to expose additional tooth surface. If necessary, the bone level can also be adjusted to extend the height or size of the visible portion of the tooth.

Crown Lengthening in Waukegan

Sometimes crown lengthening is used as a cosmetic procedure. Other times, it is necessary before a restorative treatment when not enough of the tooth sticks out from the gum to support a filling or a crown.

Crown lengthening is a common dental procedure and can typically be performed in less than an hour. Special surgical instruments will be used to reshape the gum tissue and the bone around the tooth. Only the tissue in the immediate area around the tooth is treated, and there is no risk to adjacent teeth.

Crown lengthening is performed with the use of a local anesthetic. The selected area of the gums is reduced and contoured through the removal of small amounts of tissue. The goal is to lengthen the tooth and create symmetry at the gum line.

For most patients, a crown lengthening procedure does not require any significant post-operative care. Any pain can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers. Soft foods are recommended after surgery. A full recovery of the gum tissue takes about one or two weeks. Any restorations can probably be done after about 4-6 weeks.

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Review from Ciara G.
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Ciara G.

An incredible staff and dentist! My procedure was painless and it was so nice to have a doctor who is willing to not only explain what he is doing but also LISTEN to his patient! I will continue coming back to Dr. Saad and to his wonderful staff!
Review from Cassie G.
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Five stars

Cassie G.

Dr. Saad is great at what he does! I had all four wisdom teeth extracted and he's very gentle and really cares about your pain. The receptionist is very friendly. I recommend this office BIG time.
Review from Emma D.
Five stars

Emma D.

Absolutely love Dr. Saad!! He has been my kid's dentist for years. He's so good with them, and the staff is extremely nice and helpful.
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