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Fillings & Sealants - Expert Gap Filling for a Whole New You

Discover the art of dental care with our advanced fillings and sealants, designed to fortify and protect your teeth. Our precision fillings seamlessly restore your teeth, addressing cavities with a natural look and feel.

Fillings & Sealants - Your Dental Shield

Protect Your Teeth With Sealants

Sealants function as a protective barrier for your teeth, guarding against cavities and decay. This preventive procedure is advantageous for both children and adults, reflecting the Native American commitment to proactive health practices.

Comprehensive Care For Your Teeth

Complete Solutions For A Full Smile

Our Approach To Treating Teeth Encompasses A Range Of Options.

A Natural Look For Our Patients' Teeth. It's Your Turn Now To Get The Treatment You Deserve.

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What are dental fillings and sealants?

Dental fillings are materials used to restore the function and structure of a tooth that has been damaged by decay or trauma. Sealants, on the other hand, are thin protective coatings applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth to prevent decay.

Why do I need a dental filling?

Dental fillings are necessary to repair teeth that have cavities or are damaged. They help restore the tooth’s integrity, prevent further decay, and restore normal chewing function.

How long do dental fillings last?

The lifespan of dental fillings depends on the type of material used and factors such as oral hygiene, diet, and general oral health. On average, composite fillings may typically last 5-7 years.

Are dental fillings painful?

During the procedure, your dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the area and minimize discomfort. After the filling is placed, it’s common to experience some sensitivity, but this should subside within a few days.

Are dental sealants visible?

Dental sealants are usually clear or tooth-colored, making them nearly invisible. They blend with the natural tooth color, making them a discreet and effective preventive measure.


A Natural Look For Our Patients' teeth. It's Your Turn Now To Get The Smile You Deserve.